“Wichitas Pure Rock T95”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Format: Rock
Wichita, Kansas

or play live stream here

The FINAL #PresidentOfRock Election begins MONDAY MORNING at 10 am! WHO will be the President Of Rock? @chriscornell, @OzzyOsbourne, @CoreyTaylorRock, or #DaveGrohl of The @foofighters? Polls open MONDAY morning!


BY THE NARROWEST OF MARGINS... winning the Good Guy Party Primary Election by less than 1%, Dave Grohl of The @foofighters gets your President of Rock Nomination, and Chester Bennington of @linkinpark gets the VP nod. THE FINAL #PresidentOfRock election begins Monday at 10am!!


Today's Featured nominee for The Good Guy Party, @flea333 from the @ChiliPeppers! Could he represent the party in our final #PresidentOfRock Election next week? VOTE NOW to pick your party representative! ➡️

2020: Hey, Lou.
LOU: What do you want now?
2020: I actually have some good news for you!
LOU: What is it?
2020: I'm having a Metallica covers album released.
LOU: Wow! That's great!
2020: All the performances are by Miley Cyrus.
LOU: You're a goddamned sociopath.
2020: 😂😂😂😂😂

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