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KDVV 100.3FM
“V100 Rocks”
Studio Request Line: (866) 297-1003
Website: http://www.v100rocks.com
Format: Rock
Topeka, Kansas

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Are your predictions for the #NBADraft a slam dunk this year? Tune in to @titusandtate and hear what the college basketball gurus have to say about it. Feel the shared passion of Titus & Tate as they break down this year’s draft as only they can.

Listen: https://link.chtbl.com/Titus_And_Tate_Podcast

Have you entered to win a trip to see the Foo Fighters inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Catch the keyword to text throughout each day this week! https://bit.ly/3wWZo1q

There are only a few more chances to win tickets to Rocklahoma! Tune in to Ethan Jackson's show to find out when to call. https://bit.ly/3xF5uVG

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