KSTZ 102.5FM

KSTZ 102.5FM
“Star 102.5”
Studio Request Line: (515) 280-1025
Website: http://star1025.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

or play live stream here


Looking for a way to volunteer this holiday season?Cheer boxes! @EveryStepIowa https://www.everystep.org/services/grief-loss/cheer-box-program

"I don't know what he looks like"....this is going to get really awkward...really fast.
What Happened continues in 8 min!

Next Friday, it's our annual Combat Hunger! We need your help in filling up those shelves of the @FOODBANKIOWA !! https://star1025.com/combathunger

Ford v. Ferrari...better title than Pinto v. Porsche. Zing. a Pinto joke. 1984 is very proud of us.
Hear what Ms. Moviefone @graedrake thinks of Ford v. Ferrari!

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