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So, I gave a #HackOurWifi clue on KIOA. Do I dare post it here? I go...
It's a's just one of the letters is a number. There. I said it.
- @LeighMcNabb
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Keep an eye on the correct and incorrect guesses so you can win your FREE Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. Play My Property ID: Crime Prevention System and 93.3 KIOA's #HackOurWifi next at 3p with Karess. - @LeighMcNabb

Luck reported this morning that PETA is upset ABC’s new show’Pooch Perfect’. The group stated that restraining and dyeing dogs is stressful and could even be fatal.
Oops...a few years ago I dyed Olives Mohawk - Heather McGregor

Heather walks into my office and says, "Did you know alligators and crocodiles smell like Fritos?"

So there's that - @LeighMcNabb

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