“Iowa’s Greatest Hits”
Studio Request Line: (515) 312-1933
Format: Classic Hits
Des Moines, Iowa

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TONIGHT at 6pm! It's #TheOffice Virtual Trivia! Win a $50 gift card to @BubbaDSM and put all of that Pam and Jim knowledge to good use

Don't forget to join us on our Facebook page tonight for "The Office" trivia!

To prepare, drop us your favorite quote from the show.

Just can't get over Luke's excitement. He really thinks he's on to something. Heather, not-so-delicately, tells him what's what. Hilarious!

Virtual Trivia with Luke & Heather is back TONIGHT!!!!! This week it's Saturday Night Live themed. We'll cover all of the big skits, cast members, hosts and musical guests. Winner gets $50 to @BubbaDSM !

Everything kicks off at 6p tonight on

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