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Website: http://kfmg.org
Format: Alternative
Des Moines, Iowa

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Tune into KPOP School every Friday 7-9pm with Iran Carlos! She'll catch you up on all the latest Korean Pop gossip. #KPOP #RadioFriday

Happy Birthday Tanner Frost!
As a birthday gift to Frosty, tune in to Sports on the Edge 10:50-11:50am and show your support!
#KBVUTheEdge #HappyBirthdayFrosty

Exclusive Content - New Podcast!
Go listen to The Brayden & Colin Show Ep 1 College Compared To High School And Homecoming Experiences, only available on KBVU 97.5 The Edge sound cloud.

Tune into channel 3 as BVTV airs the 2019-2020 Homecoming football game live from Storm Lake, IA. Get all your BVU vs. Nebraska Wesleyan game updates here @BVTVstudios Twitter.
#homecoming #football #BVTV #rollbeavs

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