“93.5 The Mix”
Studio Request Line: (319) 266-MIXX (6499)
Website: http://www.935themix.com
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Red Oak, Iowa

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Wednesday’s Traffic Trivia Question: Doing this makes women appear 7 pounds lighter. What is it? Answer: Being tan.
Congratulations to Becky Huber of Waverly, winner of a $20 gift certificate from Caraway Cafe in Cedar Falls!

Tuesday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 10% of pre-schoolers know how to do this. What is it? Answer: Tie their shoes.
Congratulations to Betty Boomgarden of Cedar Falls, winner of a two “Shake, Rattle & Bowl” passes at Maple Lanes in Waterloo!!!

Monday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 75% of women do this before getting ready to go out. What is it? Answer: Check the weather.
Congratulations to Pat Smith of Waterloo, winner of a $25 Gift Certificate from TnK Health Food Store in Waterloo!

Friday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 44% of women want to receive this on Valentine's Day. What is it? Answer: A handwritten love note.
Congratulations to Craig Billerbeck of Waterloo, winner of a $20 dine in credit at Brew Brothers at the Isle in Waterloo!!!

Thursday’s Traffic Trivia Question: A new study found only 12.7% of women have this. What is it? Answer: Natural Blonde Hair.
Congratulations to Shawn Choate of Waterloo, winner of a $20 Gift Certificate from Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Company in Cedar Falls!

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