“93.5 The Mix”
Studio Request Line: (319) 266-MIXX (6499)
Website: http://www.935themix.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Red Oak, Iowa

or play livestream here


Listen in the 8 o'clock hour this morning for Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" When you hear it, be caller 9 at 266-MIXX and win 2 tickets to the concert, June 16th at the GBPAC!

Tuesday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 16% of men have THIS on their desk. What is it? Answer: A picture of their pet.
Congratulations to Pat Smith of Waterloo, winner of a two “Shake, Rattle & Bowl” passes at Maple Lanes in Waterloo!!!

Monday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 30% of dieters will break their diet with this. What is it? Answer: Chinese food.
Congratulations to Collin Richardson of Waterloo, winner of a dozen doughnuts from Rocket's Bakery in Waterloo & La Porte City!

Friday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 54% of women fantasize about this once a month. What is it? Answer: Quitting their job.
Congratulations to Gar Oslund of Waterloo, winner of a $20 dine in credit at Brew Brothers at the Isle in Waterloo!!!

Thursday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 67% of men say they have done this special favor for their lady. What is it? Answer: Wash her vehicle.
Congratulations to Terin Nielson of Allison, winner of a $20 Gift Certificate from Ivy Trellis Gifts in Waterloo!

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