“93.5 The Mix”
Studio Request Line: (319) 266-6499
Website: http://www.935themix.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Red Oak, Iowa

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Thursday’s Traffic Trivia Question: The average high school girl visits 7 stores before buying this. What is it?
Answer: Prom dress.
Congratulations to Kyle Weber of Cedar Falls, winner of a $20 Gift Certificate from Ivy Trellis Gifts in Waterloo!

Wednesday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 97% of us say we do THIS better than others. What is it? Answer: Driving.
Congratulations to Amber Young of Waterloo, winner of a $20 gift certificate from Southtown Bar & Grill in Waterloo!

Tuesday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 1/3 of all people don't like to admit that they eat these. What is it? Answer: Hot dogs.
Congratulations to Angie Vincent of Waterloo, winner of a two “Shake, Rattle & Bowl” passes at Maple Lanes in Waterloo!!!

Monday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 5% of people say they have never washed THIS. What is it? Answer: Their jeans.
Congratulations to Belanie Richardson of Waterloo, winner of a dozen doughnuts from Rocket's Bakery in Waterloo & La Porte City!

Friday’s Traffic Trivia Question: 33% of women won't do this if they are running late in the morning. What is it? Answer: Shave their legs.
Congratulations to Jessica Graham of La Porte City, winner of a $20 gift certificate at Farmer's Pick Buffet at the Isle in Waterloo!!!

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