“The Edge”
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Website: https://www.kbvu975.com
Format: Alternative
Storm Lake, Iowa

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What's up KBVU listeners?!
Today, it's:
👉Morning Call + @TheTylerBrunner - 7 am
👉You + Me from 2-3 + @AlcortaG
👉Me & Meg @shutupcooper


⚾️ @BVUSoftball vs @LorasSoftball
⏰ 3:00 & 5:00
🏟 Storm Lake
📻KBVU 97.5 The Edge!

Elijah Zaiger & myself will be on the call for game 1 on @KBVU for @BVUAthletics. Tune in @ 2:45 for our pregame show here: #RollBeavs
https://t.co/oAJLFDnlJr https://t.co/V2rDSwLS4G

Want to hear about the NBA playoffs? Sports on the Edge will have the lowdown for you right here at 10:30 am sharp --> https://t.co/OOyeViazkl

It's Monday, yes, we know. Ugh. But - our shows can make your Monday waaaaaay better.
📻Morning Call w/ @TheTylerBrunner - 7 am
📻Just So You Know... - 3:30 pm
📻The Job Show w/ well, Job! - 9 pm

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