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WSWI 957.FM/820AM
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Evansville, Indiana

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This being the rock rewind block, I usually ask what you miss or whatnot about the past. However, what DONT you miss about the "good old days?"

I do NOT miss dial-up one bit

If you are in college right now you are probably preparing for the new semester! Good luck out there and try to keep at it, but make sure you are taking care of yourself as well.

Check out all of our fantastic new music this week! We've got some great new music like:
Infinitely Ordinary by @WeAreTheWrecks
Missing Piece by @vancejoy
the angel of 8th ave. by @gangofyouths
New Invention by @iDKHOW

So the #SteamDeck has been making waves and it seems to be a big step for portable PC gaming. Would you consider getting one?

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