“The Voice of the Valley”
Studio Request Line: (574) 772-7600
Website: https://wkvi.com
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Knox, Indiana

or play livestream here


Lindsey Simpson of Knox High is a candidate for 🏀 Player of the Week in the state of Indiana! If you go to the link and then scroll to the bottom of it you can see where you can click and vote for the Lady Redskin, who passed 1,000 points in their... https://t.co/SVqJtueBHb

Charlie has reindeer racing on this morning! You can compete for prizes and see if the reindeer you pick ends up winning!
https://t.co/Uu5y4d77hD https://t.co/Uu5y4d77hD

Kafonne's Monday quote .... https://t.co/SmY3hfphe8

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