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This product was invented because of 260 tons of leftover turkey. 
What is it? http://wbdc.us/sunnys-morning-brainteaser-11-27-20/

The Average American eats 16 pounds of this over the course of one year. 
What is it? http://wbdc.us/sunnys-morning-brainteaser-11-25-20/

55% of people admit they don't do this daily, but they should. 
What is it? https://wbdc.us/sunnys-morning-brainteaser-11-24-20/

The average American will use one of these 7 times in November. 
What is it? http://wbdc.us/sunnys-morning-brainteaser-11-23-20/

A recent study says doing this for 78 minutes a day helps you maintain good mental health.
What is it? http://wbdc.us/sunnys-morning-brainteaser-11-20-20/

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