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Saint Anne, Illinois

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Something tells me this doggo might do best being the only pup in the house. 😯 https://t.co/56ImpOZAks

Because every little girl's birthday party needs a #dummy dad doing this. Luckily he was the only one hurt. Yeesh. https://t.co/vHF3DKqNWn

This was a little too close for comfort. Always pay special attention during gameplay, especially at hockey and baseball games. Watch & gulp. https://t.co/iTf3pEs8fS

Hey guys it's Kendra with my Joyful PAWS for today brought to you by those fantastic folks at Riverside Health Fitness Center!

Introducing Malibu!!

Malibu is a 2 year old Terrier/ American Pit Bull mix. He is... https://t.co/uSTDrdAB47

Am I the only one that prefers a text to a call? -Kendra 😃 https://t.co/PSSZ6SNe6O

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