Studio Request Line: (563) 323-9797
Website: http://97x.com
Forum: Classic Rock
Davenport, Illinois

or play livestream here


Update: Dwyer & Michaels checked in with Angie this morning and were pleased to have an update about the house's grand opening last weekend. Here's their conversation with her. https://t.co/HKi1cwwREu

It just wouldn't be the holidays without at least one emergency trip to the store. Nobody wants to ruin Christmas by not having enough snacks. https://t.co/q8ko8GW6nn

Ebeneezer Scrooge has had enough of Christmas. https://t.co/gVSky5qTtA

Who has a pothole they desperately need fixed? https://t.co/oP0ypEKMQU

Modern technology gets a bad rap for stealing our privacy, brainwashing us, turning our kids into zombies... but besides that, it's still pretty great. https://t.co/1gRe3Eh2ro

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