“Real Rock”
Studio Request Line: (217) 629-9777
Website: http://www.wqlz.com
Format: Rock
Springfield, Illinois

or play live stream here

Ooh, a clever clue today. Putting the gif together with today's #TJT question at 7:15 this morning could win you full album downloads from both #IPrevail and #IceNineKills.

Good Bad Nerdy 9/17 - Two Paul Rudds in new Netflix series #LivingWithYourself, No plans for #Joker sequel, New #SNL comedian fired before he started: https://t.co/1AvyuXdgPs

Win yourself some digital downloads from both I Prevail and Ice Nine Kills this morning, 7:15, during our daily contest that we call #TJT.

Anyone else check out #threefromhell last night? I'll have my review later this morning on the 3SMS - @molightning

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