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Thank you so much to @ElvisDuranShow for donating $10,000 to support our work! We’re so grateful for your support and for the space you’ve given for us to discuss our work ❤️ @elvisduran Sign up for #someone2turn2 at https://t.co/e60CYwI51Y

DID YA HEAR!?!?! A huge shout out to @z100newyork, @elvisduran, @elvisduranshow and @iHeartRadio for inviting us to fuel the morning zoo yesterday. Elvis was inspired by Dave’s story (owner of our Somerville... https://t.co/BzlWe3RvOL

What big life step are you preparing to take? New city? New job? Moving out on your own?

If I win the #MegaMillions tonight, I'm so out of here. ✈️

What will you do with your winnings?

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TIME TO GET SPOOKY! We want to know what your favorite Halloween movie is! Last week, you chose 'Halloweentown.' We'll see if it remains the winner at the end of the month. Tell us which you like better!

Listen all week long for your chance to win Spook Hollow tickets and be entered into our Powerball office pool!

We must confess it's killing us to realize that Baby One More Time is officially 20 years old today. https://t.co/0YHMz5G3Ay

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