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@smoedordiee @elvisduran @ElvisDuranShow @DanielleMonaro @SkeeryJones @babyhotsauce @DavidBrody Thank you!!! I’ve been tagging and sharing on my Instagram story, I also shared a video of what the woman looks like!!!

YES! This looks fantastic.
Film review: Five stars for the 'timely' Summer of Soul https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20210630-film-review-five-stars-for-the-timely-summer-of-soul?ocid=ww.social.link.twitter via @BBC_Culture

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#JonasBrothers going for gold in #Olympics2021 TV special https://elvisduran.iheart.com/content/2021-07-20-jonas-brothers-going-for-gold-in-olympic-dreams-tv-special/

#JenniferLopez and #BenAffleck bring her kids on a second house-hunting trip! https://elvisduran.iheart.com/content/2021-07-20-jennifer-lopez-ben-affleck-bring-her-kids-on-a-second-house-hunting-trip/

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