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Happy #NationalRadioDay, folks. And now... a word from the Lone Ranger:

What's everyone making for dinner tonight? What's your 'go to' dish for busy days?

Should @AlexCsi and I get chickens for the funny farm?

If you visit @hardrockhcac , you’ll see this dress from @ladygaga . Now swipe over and see what it has to do with @elvisduran and @elvisduranshow @z100newyork @q102philly @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

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Campus Invasion is happening at Bradley University Renaissance Coliseum ☆ We'll be here until 4:30pm so don't miss out!

Selena Gomez got matching tats with her bestie... would you?! https://t.co/w1o22VPwk1

Campus Invasion is happening NOW down at Bradley University Renaissance Coliseum ☆

i'm taking over @SoundCloud's IG story from the #VMAs tune in here: https://t.co/OYbJWXeKmn

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