“Mix 94.5”
Studio Request Line: (217) 351-9494
Website: https://mix945.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Champaign, Illinois

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Don't miss this party. So much to see and do at this year's event, and we want you there. 4pm at the @iHotel on Thursday. The Working Women's Expo is presented by @ChristieClinic! #Chambana #WorkingWomensExpo


SURVEY: 1 in 3 spouses don't know that the OTHER spouse already knows THIS about them. What is it? #KillAHalfHourQuestion @rosatisurbana

STUDY: People who do THIS at work are less likely to quit their jobs. Do what? #KillAHalfHourQuestion @rosatisurbana

Kari & the crew at @MartinHoodCPAs get to cool off at work with a @JarlingsCU Rescue today! Wanna be next? Hit the link https://t.co/GlPlaHfUes


Slightly more than 1/3 of adults will never get any of THESE during their lifetime. What are they? #KillAHalfHourQuestion @rosatisurbana

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