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It's Halloween AND it's Breast Cancer awareness month. Wanted to shout out this GREAT pumpkin decorating by the Kirby Medical Center Mammography department in Monticello!!! OUTSTANDING!!! @KirbyMedical @Mix945 @MorningRadioMom @timbetweetin

You'd have to do almost a 1/2 hour of intense exercise on an elliptical to burn all the calories in THIS common fall treat. What is it? #KillAHalfHourQuestion @rosatisurbana

Close to 1 in 3 adults admit that it has been a year or more since they last did THIS. Did what? #KillAHalfHourQuestion @rosatisurbana

If you take the combined weight of every person on Earth and multiply by 300, you'd have the approximate weight of WHAT? #KillAHalfHourQuestion @rosatisurbana

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