“Pride of the South Side”
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Chicago, Illinois


👀👀👀 Yoooooo my man back home just blew my dome!!😮😮😮😃😃😃😃 I need This Tape!! #YohanceLacour #omgman 🙏🙏 i cant believe it😁🙏🙏 @whpk_chicago WHPK 88.5 FM classic!

chicagooo!! englewood’s community garden is having its very own famers market mon-thurs from 9-11! come by and support black and brown youth!

Our close friend and chosen family Raven’s house in Oakland burned down last night. Everyone is safe and got out but all their belongings are gone. Help then rebuild and support them with $$$ after this horrible experience.

Venmo: lambpresident
PayPal: lambpresident

EMERGENCY RALLY: Each document the City is withholding is a story about police misconduct. These stories belong to us, the people of Chicago. The City says it would take $8 m over 10 yrs to release the full library of misconduct records. That’s 2 days of CPD spending! #DefundCPD

The BREATHTAKING hypocrisy of @chicagosmayor publicly mourning Rep. John Lewis, who was violently beaten on the Edmund Pettus bridge nearly sixty years ago, at the same time she is sending police into Grant Park to violently beat young demonstrators like Miracle from @GKMC18. https://twitter.com/GKMC18/status/1284312594052939777

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