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The precip starts tonight, so it's a good time to get these links out again.

* advisories
* conditions
* @GREGAGWX blog
* first responder updates
* closings and cancellations


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Winter = more dirty clothes

So today's deal to Colony Square Cleaners is for everybody.

Details: https://t.co/pRptz2b7ey

You'll be surprised at the duo that spent the most weeks at #1 on the chart.

Tamera has that and more in 15.

#Chambana #NGMedia

On today's five at five...something.

It's more organized than you think. 😉

Tune in now!

Coming up in later newscasts today and at our website: @MichaelWDWS sat down with the principals of @Urbana116 middle & high schools to discuss an improved environment at their schools. #NGMedia #Chambana

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