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In honor of #PresidentsDay, we've been throwing out random/fun presidential facts on-air all morning. Here's fact #1...

• Jimmy Carter is the only president to report a UFO sighting

Stay tune to @TheTyBentliShow's account for more facts throughout the day!

How did @RyanHurd find out he and @MarenMorris were having a baby?! She was SO excited, she called him while he was at a fitting.

"I remember kind of going about my day as if it were normal after that, like, even though everything had just changed."

#NowPlaying - #TheBones

.@MarenMorris is here!!

"[I'm playing the Houston Rodeo] a couple weeks before my due date... I took the show offer before I was pregnant." #badass

Yup, you read that right. @romance_radio returns in 10 minutes with a #10MinuteTune about... "bathroom shoes."

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