“The River”
Studio Request Line: (630) 585-7529
Website: https://www.959theriver.com
Format: Classic Hits
Aurora, Illinois

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Mitch speaking to the issue at hand. That is giving you a shot at seeing Bob Dylan and his band October 30th, Credit Union 1 Arena at UIC. Listen for Mitch Michaels’ River Riffs all this week around 3:40pm for a shot at a pair of tickets to see Bob Dylan.

Mitch 'Doin The Cruise' w/ LZ
The Magic Was Just Gettin' Started 51 Years Ago This Month. Click to Listen. https://t.co/cATgtlxChk

Not sure why they keep doing this to their hardworking baristas, but Starbucks just "released" their new "secret" menu item...the Joker Frappuccino. Listen to to what the Joker Frap consists of, and how to make a barista want to punch you in the face on the Midday Rewind

Learn about this cool app that lets sighted people help out the blind in real time! Technology being used for good!

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