“91.1 Community Radio”
Studio Request Line: (618) 457-3691
Website: http://wdbx.org
Format: Variety
Carbondale, Illinois

or play live stream here

Hashtag and Tweet/Retweet A,B,C,D. The winning design which will be available at a discount at our Fall Fundraiser - Lonesome Roy's Winery Hoedown on Oct 5! https://t.co/nFU4hVAPCs

Help us pick a design for our next WDBX t-shirt. The submissions are in and we've narrowed it down to the top 4. THANK YOU to everyone who took the time and shared their creativity with us. Next, we need the community to pick the winning design. Hashtag A,B,C,D. And tag us.🤘

me on the Chicago tourism board:

come witness lovely Chi town. home of
- house music
- footwork
- deep dish pizza
- deep-seated institutional racism
- sport (?)
- pissing in the alleyway
- Malört
- Kevin Drumm
- wind

OUT NOW!!!!! I Quit My Job new 5 track ep by ya girl on Eat Dis!!!!! Shake it wit me fam 💃✨🏝️💋


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