WDBR 103.7FM

WDBR 103.7FM
“Todays Hit Music”
Studio Request Line: (217) 789-4487
Website: http://wdbr.com
Format: Top 40
Springfield, Illinois

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HOT TOPIC! National Unfriend Day was over the weekend (Sunday) Did you do any unfriending?When have you unfriended someone? What made you do it? 789-HITS https://wdbr.com/mornings/unfriending/

#Morning Mindbender #Trivia: 19% of men check this on a daily basis. What is it? Call 789-HITS for the delicious hookup to SmallCakes

TOTAL WELLNESS TUESDAY! We answer the age old dishwasher question: do you load the silverware handle up or handle down? Heres the scientific answer! https://wdbr.com/mornings/when-you-load-a-dishwasher-should-the-silverware-point-up-or-down/

13 year-old boy in India had a live fish removed from his nose. He jumped into a water well and the fish went up his left nostril. Surgeons spent 30 minutes removing it. Do u know someone thats gotten something stuck up their nose? What was it? 789-HITS https://wdbr.com/mornings/stuff-stuck-up-your-nose/

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