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HOT TOPIC! Kristen Bell doing an interview with Ellen yesterday and said her five-year-old daughter, Delta, washed her hair with Vaseline. Parents, whats the funniest, weirdest or grossest thing your kid got in their hair? How did you get it out? 789-HITS https://wdbr.com/mornings/weird-stuff-in-the-hair/

#Morning Mindbender #Trivia: 47% of people are uncomfortable talking about this when it comes to themselves. What is it? Call 789-HITS for the delicious hookup to SmallCakes

HOT TOPIC! Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. Fill In The Phrase: “I can’t believe I once ate a whole bag, box or package of _________________ . How did you feel afterwards?” 789-HITS https://wdbr.com/mornings/when-you-ate-it-all/

#Morning Mindbender #Trivia: According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Minted Weddings: Letterpress wedding invitations is the #1 component of a dream wedding. Whats #2? Call 789-HITS for the delicious hookup to SmallCakes

Croydon, New Hampshire recently fired their only police officer during a town hall meeting. He stripped down before leaving the meeting in his boots, tighty whities and a hat. Do you know someone who was fired/ quit a job in a funny or weird way?https://wdbr.com/mornings/funny-or-weird-ways-you-quit-were-fired/

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