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The Lincoln Beer Company and the producers of The Simpsons created a Duff Beer last week, which they then sold on Saturday at the company’s taproom. Fans lined up for the beer. Have you ever bought a celebrity product? What happened? 789-HITS https://t.co/qNZlpYoOWU

The Magic 8 Ball, the card game Uno and pinball machines are this year’s inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Do you know an adult, who injured themselves playing with a children’s toy? How and what happened? 789-HITS https://t.co/GgwpmENoM3

Its about that time of year for ALL THE FOOD! And with Thanksgiving and Christmas = Food Coma! Here are the foods most likely to cause your coma! https://t.co/AEkHn2GQ8m

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, opened over the weekend! Have you ever worked for a Grinch boss during the holidays? What made them so bad? What happened? 789-HITS https://t.co/2YHFWLYv6j

What happens when one clown (Rusty) takes a BEFORE picture for another clown (DJ Blake) and you don't check it??? You have no head!! Hahaha!!! Head on down to the @theboscenter for the @ansarshriners circus! #WDBR #DjSpinner 7pm TONIGHT
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