KZMG 102.7FM

KZMG 102.7FM
“My 102.7”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Format: Adult Contemporary
Nampa, Idaho

or play live stream here

Fix it with duct tape and super glue!! 😂😂

Ok, now I’m crying in the drive thru line! -Joey


Listen for your keywords at 8:20 with @joeyandlaurenshow, 12:20 with Meredith, and 5:20 with James! All you have to do is text your keyword to 68719 and you could win $150 in FREE Gas & Groceries! 🎉🎉🎉

It’s the important questions people. Help Joey & Lauren in the Morning settle this argument!

Dirty sneakers for only $900?! What a steal! 😆

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