“The Snake”
Studio Request Line: (208) 737-6070
Website: http://983thesnake.com
Forum: Classic Rock
Twin Falls, Idaho
or play livestream here


The department’s child nutrition division wants that success to continue and is looking for partners for this year’s program. https://t.co/8OZvYCCCuv

Lou Gramm has explained his decision to end his solo live career, after announcing onstage last month that the show he’d just performed had been his last. https://t.co/5HGshWiZjq

Wait. There were bad Eagles songs? https://t.co/qYwn8FyILC

Twin Falls County has a new judge. https://t.co/iVZkbtDmYS

The color of your car may be telling others more than you realize. https://t.co/anXszj7tZP

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