“The Snake”
Studio Request Line: (208) 737-6070
Website: http://983thesnake.com
Forum: Classic Rock
Twin Falls, Idaho
or play livestream here


Some interesting searches going on for Black Friday. https://t.co/OdJqgBjCmV

We want to send our prayers to the family. Thank you sir for your service. God bless. https://t.co/RTpdZ7zpcG

These states are a speeder's paradise. https://t.co/UpI5EaqIpQ

Did any of you feel the quake this morning? https://t.co/hfrMrMBdK5

So, any Snake listeners want to be in Def Leppard's new Christmas video? Here's how. https://t.co/vU1jbFPXRN

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