“The Snake”
Studio Request Line: (208) 737-6070
Website: http://983thesnake.com”
Format: Classic Rock
Twin Falls, Idaho

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Starting teacher pay will increase to $40,000 annually in a move Idaho lawmakers hope will attract and keep more teachers in the state. https://t.co/5Lx0nAColv

According to the city of Twin Falls, contractors will begin work today at the intersection of Eastland Drive and Fourth Ave. East that will reduce travel lanes. https://t.co/RVKzOFUsXI

The amber alert for this local girl has been cancelled. She has been found safe. https://t.co/wBJT5TrTu3

As a bill that seeks to make it more difficult for volunteer-driven initiatives to get off the ground moves closer to the Senate floor, Idaho democrats are speaking out. https://t.co/SqJM56Btm7

Here are my top 5 picks for ways to spend some of your Spring Break. https://t.co/V4E4rwHqnX

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