KSAS 103.5FM

KSAS 103.5FM
“103.5 Kiss FM”
Studio Request Line: (208) 384-1035
Website: http://1035kissfmboise.com
Format: Top 40
Boise, Idaho

Featured Hosts
Kiss in the Morning with Keke + Kat
5am-10am MST
Weekdays and Saturdays
10am-3pm MST
3pm-7pm MST
Tino Cochino
7pm-11pm MST

Welcome to the weekend! We're live across your radios and streaming devices, playing nothing but your requests and the biggest hits on #MostRequestedLive tonight! What song do you need @OnAirRomeo to spin for you on @KissBoise tonight? Let us know Boise!

Hey guys! Guess what, nah there's no need to guess, cuz i'm making this tweet to tell you!
I’m back on @MostRequestLive w/@OnAirRomeo
5/22 for my #LMLY @iHeartRadio @AskAnythingChat! 👌Send questions to
https://www.askanythingchat.com/?post_type=chat&upcoming. See you in 2 weeks!!😱

Look. Boise is my hometown and I’m blessed to be able to do what I love in this city every single day. But it’s time we get honest about a real problem here, no matter who you are: the geese in this town are out of control.

This is the show YOU control! #MostRequestedLive is LIVE on your radios and streaming devices, so let @OnAirRomeo know what you want to hear tonight on @kissboise!

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