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River Mornings with Ken Bass and Debbie Courson

The avalanche danger will rise to HIGH. Ample low-density snow and steady strong wind will create dangerous wind drifts in steep, exposed, upper and middle elevation terrain. This added snow load will also stress buried weak layers, making large avalanches more likely today.

Today's virus-free podcast. Foothills and parks in today's report, along with a food oddity or two, and a really odd musical instrument that is seeing higher sales. It's described as making "vomit noises." ~Debbie

Type O blood donors are incredibly important to maintaining the blood supply. Check out the facts about why they’re O so needed & sign up to donate at

Snow band entering the Boise Metro. Expect brief heavy snow, gusty winds 45-55 mph, and reduced visibilities. Driving conditions will be very difficult within the band. #IDwx

Garrett Weaver, former Galileo STEM Academy student, milled two parts that make up the Perseverance Mars rover which landed last week. Before working with NASA on the rover, Garrett made carbon fiber foot prostheses.

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