“The River”
Studio Request Line: (208) 287-2949
Forum: Classic Rock
Boise, Idaho
or play livestream here


Zoo Boise is offering a chance to go INSIDE the Gorongosa Exhibits before they open. Register at

IBG needs your help! Please go to FUNDSY's link and vote for us to be FUNDSY's beneficiary for 2019/2020. Cast your vote here:

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Join our Advisory Panel for a quick online survey to make us a better station. You might win an Amazon Echo Spot! ~ roxx

Table Rock trails remain CLOSED today due to muddy conditions. Please stick to sandier trails at places like Camel’s Back and Dry Creek. Check daily condition reports here: #BoiseKind

The danger is CONS. You're most likely to trigger avalanches where the wind has formed drifts or stiffened the snow surface. Avalanches are also possible in sheltered terrain, especially where the snowpack is less than about 3' deep.Visit for details.

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