“Radio Boise 89.9”
Studio Request Line: (208) 258-2073
Format: Variety
Boise, Idaho

Featured Hosts
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Hopeful but Honest, Radio Unites for Justice:

Like hundreds of @NFCB stations, we are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion by lifting up the music, issues and voices of those who are underrepresented in mainstream media!

Keep on rockin' in a free-form world!

We're grateful and honored to provide you with truly independent voices and audio fireworks on the ol' glorious FM dial all day, every day.

🧨 PSA- Most pets don't like the loud bang of fireworks at all. Give 'em something better and more calming to listen to. @VinylNurse's Rico Suave highly endorses Radio Boise! 📻

Excited for smooth Indie Soul singer-songwriter Eric Henderson to virtually visit and perform on LIVE Sounds today at 4:30 PM. #BoiseMusic

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