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Boise, Idaho

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We all need to space out every once and awhile, and on Sunday evenings KRBX provides the launch pad. Join Wayne Birt for two hours of space rock, krautrock, psychedelica and warped crooner gems on Drift Correction, a rock history of collected satellites. Ignition at 8pm.

Soul, funk and R&B – old school, new school and everything in between. That's @SundaySoulParty with DJ Feelings, bringing you the groove every Sunday from 1 to 3pm on Radio Boise.

When you’re on the go and away from the dial, go to the Radio Boise mobile app! The app provides you with access to the KRBX live stream in the palm of your hand:

Elevate your Saturday night with Sonic Mushroom Cloud! Each week from 9 to 11pm, Joe Black concocts a heady mix of new tracks, regional acts and forgotten favorites of psych-rock, post-punk, electronic, noise and more.

There are worse ways you could spend your Saturday evening than surfing our YouTube page...

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