“Project 88.7”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Website: http://project887.org
Forum: Top 40
Middleton, Idaho
or play livestream here

About Project 88.7 On the surface Project:88-7 is a radio station playing great music from artists like LeCrae, Andy Mineo, and Family Force 5 that won’t de-humanize anyone. Behind those frequency numbers is a heart beating with a passion to bring people together in order to impact the world


Send us your Sunrise 🤳🏼 Selfie!

Lauree shows us what a 4am wake-up call looks like for the Morning Show!

Today is the Final day of The 🍂 Fall Fundraiser...call and join the Project Team 208-455-0887‼️

To be part of the recovery for victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, give HERE: https://t.co/xWebVO59qe…/blessing-buckets-project-887

In case you were wondering about what went down at the @GAWVI Concert @RoaringSprings!

Want VIP tickets to see @jordan_feliz at Uplift Music Festival? Post a Pic of you and your concert buddy for the chance to win!

People were asking what happened to our Twitter account. . .honestly we couldn't remember our Login. . .

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