“The Eagle”
Studio Request Line: (435) 753-9607
Website: http://www.kkgl.com
Format: Classic Rock
Boise, Idaho

or play live stream here

96.9 The Eagle brings you James Taylor & Jackson Browne May 22nd at @extramilearena in Boise! Tickets on sale Friday, February 7th @ 10 AM w/ free tickets coming soon on your radio.

A kind, lovely, generous man. And a comic genius who, with the Pythons, defined what comedy could be for my generation. I cherished the time I got to spend with him. Rest In Peace #TerryJones


No greater contribution to the art of sketch comedy has ever been made than that made by Monty Python.They altered comedy down to its very DNA. With the death of #TerryJones ,two sixths of that collective genius are gone forever. Let’s celebrate the fallen and love the remainder.

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