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The sweepstakes costs $10 to enter & the money raised will go to Hunter Nation: https://t.co/jIDAif9Yci

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Another Round is tmw! Meet us @PayetteBrewing between 6-9pm to learn about what we are doing to provide you legislative coverage that YOU want to hear 👂 https://t.co/RWHc3pwOxt

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After serving 27 years on a wrongful conviction, Mark Schand fought for state compensation –– and used the money to open a smoothie shop.

His bestselling smoothie? "The Linda and John Thompson," named after the lawyers who helped get him out of prison.

There's a disconnect between banning high-capacity magazines and decreasing deaths.

From @GunsReporting

Debate about decriminalizing hemp& bring Idaho into accord with the federal Farm Bill continues at the capitol: https://t.co/vE6E91xCw4


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