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Pork nachos with tomato and papaya salsa samples at Hilo Brewfest 🤤
#gowikifresh #sayyestofresh #wikifresh #hilobrewfest @ Wainaku Executive Center

HAWAII POLICE DEPT: reports road is now open, Hwy 190 near MM 18, Puuanahulu. Motorists are encouraged to report any suspicious activity on our highways.

The Hawaii County Fire Department reports that Highway 190 near 18-mile marker Puuanahulu is closed due to a brushfire.

Hwy 130 from Pahoa to Kalapana Rd is open only to residents with official credentials. A Disaster Recovery Center operated jointly by the County, State and FEMA is open 8am to 8pm daily at Keauu High School. (FULL 6pm THURS UPDATE)

CD THUR 6/21 4PM: Official credentials required to access Hwy130 from Pahoa to Kalapana Rd & Pahoa-Kapoho Rd btwn Hwy 130 & Nanawale. FEMA Disaster Recovery Center open 8am-8pm daily. Free medical, dental, eye care tomorrow a Keaau High School 8am-5pm.

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