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HVO reports that Fissure 8 continues to erupt with a full channel flowing to the ocean at Kapoho. Currently, there is no immediate threat, but persons near the active flow should be prepared and heed warnings from Civil Defense. #Kilauea Monday 6/25 6am

#kilauea #kilaueaeruption #kapoho Lava continues to flow in to the ocean at Kapoho

Pork nachos with tomato and papaya salsa samples at Hilo Brewfest 🤤
#gowikifresh #sayyestofresh #wikifresh #hilobrewfest @ Wainaku Executive Center

HAWAII POLICE DEPT: reports road is now open, Hwy 190 near MM 18, Puuanahulu. Motorists are encouraged to report any suspicious activity on our highways.

The Hawaii County Fire Department reports that Highway 190 near 18-mile marker Puuanahulu is closed due to a brushfire.

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