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BREAKING: Gov. David Ige has approved Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami's request to opt out from the state's pre-travel testing program temporarily. Effective Dec. 2, all trans-Pacific and intercounty travelers to Kauai are subject to the 14-day quarantine.

The Latest: 3 Deaths, 92 New COVID-19 Cases Reported Today; Study Finds Mislabeling Of Seafood; Satellite Technology Helping Researchers Monitor Coral Bleaching

ʻAina kakahiaka is how we say breakfast in Hawaiian, and that is our Hawaiian Word of the Day. ʻAina means meal, and kakahiaka means morning.

The Latest: 2 Deaths, 120 New COVID-19 Cases; Lt. Gov. Recommends Mayors Follow Second Test Lead of Big Island; Surveillance Study: Returning Residents At Higher Risk for COVID-19 Than Visitors; City Misses Chance To Ease Restrictions

Pehea means how or what. It is most often heard in the greeting “Pehea ʻoe?” It is used by both Hawaiian speakers and many who know only a few words. Pehea ʻoe? – How are you?

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