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Hawaii Updates: 41 New #COVID19 Cases Set Record; Clusters At Bars, Gyms Could Prompt Roll Back Of Reopenings; Travel Screening, Facial Recognition Measures Advancing

Today on The Conversation:

-@AssetsSchool talks reopening in the fall
-Outrigger canoe paddlers return to the water with new rules
-via @CivilBeat: 2 Ige nominees run into Senate opposition
-@acluhawaii on criminal justice reform

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The muʻumuʻu is often called the “Mother Hubbard” or loose-fitting dress. Don't confuse it with mumu which is a thud-like sound. The dress is a muʻumuʻu.

Hawaii Updates: 7 New #COVID19 Cases Today; Mayor Says Spike In Oahu Cases 'Concerning'; More Visitor Arrivals; Kalakaua Open Streets Extended

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