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It's Friday, which means it's Latin Beat night; each week, host Ray Cruz curates the best in salsa, classic salsa, and Latin jazz. Catch it live 8-10 p.m. on HPR-1...or get the party started early by streaming the latest show on our website:

New Honolulu Neighborhood Board Commission executive secretary Lloyd Yonenaka hopes the boards can play a bigger role in their communities and government.

Today on The Conversation:

- Education updates from @aikahielem and @MaryknollSchool
- via @CivilBeat: Landlord-tenant mediation proposed to stave of mass eviction
- @wearehpr's @noetanigawa on global disinformation
- @TMMC reports dog attack against monk seals

#BREAKING: @HawaiiDOH has detected another COVID variant on O‘ahu. The state laboratory found the P.2 variant (thought to have originated in Brazil) in one person who recently traveled to the U.S. mainland.

ʻAle is a wave out at sea, not to be confused with nalu, a wave or surf nearing land. A better English equivalent might be a billow.

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