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Honolulu, Hawaii

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Da Kolohe Krew
Morning Drive
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Kona Chang
Midday Drive
10am-3pm HST
Lina Girl
Afternoon Drive
3pm-7pm HST
Billy V
12pm-6pm HST

H3 Kaneohe bound will be CLOSED tomorrow from 7 am to 7 pm for maintenance work between Halawa and the Halekou Interchange by Kamehameha Hwy on and off-ramps

When you win, be kind.
When you are ignored, be kind.
When you are stuck, be kind.
When you are upset, be kind.
When disappointed, be kind.
When you are in doubt, be kind.
When you are scared, be kind.

In life, good manners, integrity and kindness will always serve you well.

"Godzilla vs Kong" movie filming today. H3 Kanohe bound LEFT lane closed from 5:30a to 2:30p; H3 Halawa bound LEFT lane closed from 9a to 9p. Equiipment already set up. Start and stop are estimates.

#UPDATE: Hawaii Island PD: “The wounded officer, an SRT Sergeant, is a police veteran with 12 years of service. He was taken by Fire Rescue to the Hilo Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.”

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