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Kincaid and Dallas
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Thank you Boston, New York, Denver and of course all over Georgia for enjoying our @kincaidndallas replay wherever you get your podcasts. Today “THE DNA TEST DONE TOLD ME THAT...” was nothing short of MIND BLOWING. http://KincaidandDallas.com

When the power went out during that tropical storm we had months ago...she forgot to take something out of the freezer and it got eaten...a secret needs to be kept. #MyLittleSecret on @NewCountry1015 and streaming at https://bit.ly/NewCountry101FIVE next!

Oh my goodness. Is it 7:35 yet?!?? We can’t wait to get into “DNA DONE TOLD ME THAT...” we hope you join us on @NewCountry1015 streaming at https://bit.ly/NewCountry101FIVE and a replay later at http://KincaidandDallas.com

We’re excited to welcome @LastItsDallas back today! Why @JJkincaid got a complaint letter yesterday? You’re also gonna win that Bonefish Grill gift card at 8:35 and get qualified to spend 5 nights in Florida. Join us on @NewCountry1015 and at https://bit.ly/NewCountry101FIVE

Y’all did you hear about the crazy stuff people found after they moved into a new place? Poop, a coffin, and a suitcase filled with... yeah hear the Kincaid&Dallas show replay wherever you get podcasts or at http://KincaidandDallas.com

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