“The Voice of Brenau”
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Website: https://www.brenau.edu/businesscomm/
Format: Classic Pop
Gainesville, Georgia

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We have completed the 2019-20 academic year with an array of accomplishments and reasons to celebrate centered around student support and success. Our students are the reason we exist.

See a list of accomplishments and achievements at https://www.brenau.edu/highlights.

Shout out to class of 2020 Brenau alumna Jordyn De La Rosa!

"... when my opportunity comes, I will be ready to put the best of myself in it 150%."

#BrenauWoman #BrenauStrong #BrenauFamily https://brena.us/3eXX9D6


You have seen the costume work of @JanieBryant in your favorite shows. Watch this Brenau Academy alumna speak July 14 at 4 p.m. on Zoom as part of our GOLD Speaker Series. Registration is free. http://brenau.edu/gold-speaker

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