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WYZB 105.5FM
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Studio Request Line: (850) 244-1055
Website: http://www.nashfm1055.com
Format: Country
Ft Walton Beach, Florida

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Coming up at 7:30 ET/6:30 CT, TJ needs your help! She'll share a MAJOR issue she's having with her 2-year-old daughter, Nilly...

PARENTS: We'll need YOUR expert advice to help solve it! https://t.co/T67wbhwha4

Zach Stone is singing a #10MinuteTune about Jason Momoa (aka Aquaman) shaving his signature beard to save the environment... tune in now.

Stick around after because Zach is performing his single “Sorry and Lonely” for ya! https://t.co/kNmMqKpho7

This morning on The Ty Bentli Show...

Sheryl Crow is in-studio for a CAN’T-MISS interview about her latestest release of #RedemptionDay... with the one and only Johnny Cash!! 🙌 https://t.co/YSPemXUDKK

Lockeland is singing a #10MinuteTune about the 65-year-old “PI-YAH” woman going viral for attacking a 300-pound half-naked guy who tried to rob her! https://t.co/tXpdArJOi5

All week you've heard Kassi Ashton performing on as part of our #Undeniable2019 series, but later THIS morning, we'll chat with her 1-on-1!

While we wait, go see exactly why she's this week's Undeniable Artist of 2019:... https://t.co/pBSJANhAzk

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