“Citrus 95.3”
Studio Request Line: (352) 746-0953
Studio Request Line Toll Free: (844) 953-9595
Website: http://www.citrus953.com
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Crystal River, Florida

or play livestream here


The speed limit for most of Citrus County on US 19 is now 45 miles per hour. Please pay attention to the speed limit between Home Depot and Homosassa. Again, it is only 45 mph!!

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95 https://t.co/p35e7eGmnl

Come on out to the Homosassa Seafood Festival and join the FUN, we’ll be here from 9-11 today celebrating with everyone .

Out here at Our Honorable Homeless Veteran's Challenge.. The rain may be pouring but we are still collecting donations to help. You can call in any donations at 352-419-6505 or 352-419-6406 and you can still... https://t.co/btR7PXc77A

No one escapes #MommyTax!

Now give us the Reese's.... and the Twix.. maybe some tootsie rolls too. https://t.co/eTJfCPwVlu

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