WWRZ 98.3

WWRZ 98.3
“Max 98.3”
Studio Request Line: (863) 683-7127
Studio Request Line Toll-Free: (866) 601-1MAX
Website: http://www.max983fm.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Tampa, Florida

or play live stream here

Happy #Friyay! What are you up to this weekend? Listen for Hannah's Haps coming up later for what's going on in Polk County this weekend! #MaxintheMorning

What do you think the most underrated movie of all time is? Defend your answer! #MaxintheMorning

I was born March 25, 1918. I died April 23, 1995. I was an American sports castor, predominately on ABC. But I reported many sports, with many catch phrases still used today. #Downgoesfraiser #NameThatTomb #WhoamI

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