WWRZ 98.3

WWRZ 98.3
“Max 98.3”
Studio Request Line: (863) 683-7127
Studio Request Line Toll-Free: (866) 601-1MAX
Website: http://www.max983fm.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Tampa, Florida

or play live stream here

What is the one word that makes these three words completely new words?
1. Tooth
2. Blood
3. Wolf
#Secretcodeword #MaxintheAM

I was born January 6, 1925. I died March 19, 2005. i was an american engineer, and an inventor. I'm widely known for my work at general motors. But I'm most remembered for my sports car which had a starring role in a movie trilogy. Who am I? #Namethattomb

Look for those Sesame Street stamps coming out for the postal service's anniversary! #MaxintheAM

Secret Code Word! Three words are given, you must guess the one word to make all three words into new words!
1. Off
2. Buzz
3. Throat

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