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Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Vaccine info! https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/pfizer-says-covid-19-booster-shots-will-likely-be-needed/4XKUDXZK7BE3HKPE7T4BD3ZQ6M/

When a baby is ready to be born... thank goodness for this nurse! 😍 https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/nurse-delivers-baby-parking-garage/3QWCNU7LPNHJXCYOTCVFHDMNCQ/

Find out the information on the Royal Funeral tomorrow HERE: https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/prince-philips-funeral-who-has-been-invited-who-is-walking-behind-coffin-order-events/POITCQSPD5BA5BB2JH5LNKG3GI/

Oohhh this is so sad... 💔 https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/helen-mccrory-known-role-harry-potter-movies-dead-52/GBRIK4PWS5BDJIDQBZNSYILNTU/

Listen every workday at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 5pm for your shot to win $1,000 cash to Pay Your Bills! Sponsored by Westshore Honda NO PURCH. NEC. 3/29/21–5/21/21. Open to US res. in station listening area, 18+. Data/msg. rates apply. Rules: https://bit.ly/3shJIEv

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