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She is raw and real in her new book, Open Book. And she has new music coming out on Feb 4th.. Find out more. https://www.mymagic949.com/news/national/jessica-simpson-reveals-addictions-childhood-abuse-new-memoir/bijzsmUWhETG19P27Tt19J/

Find out what's going on - more info here! https://www.mymagic949.com/news/national/most-emotional-support-animals-may-soon-banned-from-airlines/3MDgSIEko62Xu9uSwNwlQN/

Look at these pups! Aww! What do you think of this idea?? https://www.mymagic949.com/news/national/beer-company-adds-shelter-dogs-labels-hopes-getting-them-adopted/lT9X96xZTbVvxoCT2tDOfM/

Co-worker: "Wow, you seem so focused! Good job!"
Me: "Thanks, I'm actually googling how to create a Starbucks themed room for adults."

It's early and you're probably tired but it's Thursday and we just couldn't pass up a solid #ThrowBackThursday challenge!
Two of these photos were taken in 2019 and one photo was taken in 2010. Which photo do YOU think was taken in 2010?
📸: Jesse Grant & Kevin Winter

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