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I can't handle it when there is one lizard in my home, i have no clue what I would do if this happened to me!

Will you be getting money!?!? Find out what's being considered about the second round of payments. https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/second-stimulus-payment-when-could-you-get-money-will-you-be-eligible/ISLTWNINZJF2VNPAZL63E7GZKY/

Leave it to Bill Nye the Science Guy to explain things with an experiment!

We ❤ him! https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/bill-nye-explains-why-people-should-wear-masks-how-they-work-during-coronavirus-pandemic/QR6RBAZFNRFC3GT6BAKCWRUN3A/

I've never watched this but hear INCREDIBLE things about it! 👑 https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/crown-renewed-sixth-season/Y4RYEEZGWFCDZP3D7TFWV3P6BU/

Will this affect you or your friends/relatives? Here's the info! https://www.mymagic949.com/news/trending/tropical-storm-fay-forms-off-nc-coast/OYOPILFWCJDAXHO5FHPMIDZULM/

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