WVYB 103.3FM

WVYB 103.3FM
“1033 The Vibe”
Studio Request Line: (386) 226-9892
Website: http://1033wvyb.com
Forum: Top 40
Daytona Beach, Florida

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We’re getting a billboard to find Kaylee a date. Which picture should we use? Leave a comment with the number you like the best.

We have more tickets to the Rolex 24hr Race this morning! Good morning! - Tremble & Kaylee

He’s officially off the market...Congrats, Tebow! https://t.co/AsTHjPRBVH

What is a show you've never seen but EVERYONE else loves?

Tremble's never watched Grey's Anatomy. Kaylee is just now starting Friends.

A girl Kaylee knows got proposed to over the holidays (congrats!) but she has a tattoo on her ring finger from her former marriage. Her NOW-FIANCE is upset she won't get it removed (she won't give a reason why she won't... https://t.co/tFMBPQdK7V

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