WOMX 105.1FM

WOMX 105.1FM
“Mix 105.1”
Studio Request Line: (407) 919-1051 or (877) 919-1051
Website: https://mix1051.Radio.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Orlando, Florida

or play live stream here

In case you didn't hear, she's back! - @jayed105 https://www.audacy.com/mix1051/news/chrissy-teigen-returns-to-twitter

Turn that frown upside down! - @jayed105 https://www.audacy.com/mix1051/latest/four-free-things-you-can-do-to-increase-happiness

Who gets the ring? It was a gift to her, so she should be able to keep it if she wants it, right? But most States say it belongs to the person holding the receipt. - @jayed105 https://www.audacy.com/mix1051/news/jennifer-lopez-and-alex-rodriguez-confirm-break-up

First of all, that's just ridiculous. But my question to you is, what's the most expensive piece of clothing or pair of shoes you own? Mine is a @RalphLauren tuxedo, but it was a gift! Does that count? LOL - @jayed105 https://www.audacy.com/mix1051/news/a-pair-of-kanye-wests-shoes-set-to-sell-for-over-usd1-million

If you could choose any TV house to live in, which one would it be? -@Jayed105 https://www.audacy.com/mix1051/news/mister-rogers-former-pittsburgh-house-for-sale

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