“Orlando’s Classic Hits”
Studio Request Line: (844) 862-9890
Website: https://www.wmmo.com
Format: Classic Hits
Orlando, Florida

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Cute may not be the first word that comes to mind with this pup but the world loves him! Check out Scamp's story and how he won the title of "World's Ugliest Dog" this year. -Libby https://t.co/K1bRSff05b

Anyone else think this is the coolest thing ever?! Glad they stay too deep to touch us, though. Can you imagine? omg...Hildi https://t.co/JM17zPifMo

Only one more day to apply for this "job". Let us know if you get chosen!...Hildi https://t.co/kW9x4SZeqK

Wow, this video...Man! Stones shows are such an EVENT! Listen for your chance to win tickets to see The Rolling Stones at 5pm all this week! https://t.co/rRRxSFgDUn

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