“Today’s Soft Rock”
Studio Request Line: (850) 932-0941 or (888) 741-0941
Format: Adult Contemporary
Pensacola, Florida

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You know, 1990’s Ellen Degeneres wouldn’t be doing this shtick she’d be out at the Supreme Court speaking to other LGBTQ+ people. Power changes people.

James Briscione is 2x #Chopped Champion! Passing up college football scholarships to spend more time in the kitchen, he worked his way up the line at World-Renowned Highlands Bar & Grill, achieving the rank of chef de cuisine at the age of 23! We're delighted to have him join!

WATCH LIVE: Bras Across the Bridge is underway! The crowd will make its way across the bridge as a show of support and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

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