“Today’s Soft Rock”
Studio Request Line: (850) 932-0941 or (888) 741-0941
Format: Adult Contemporary
Pensacola, Florida

or play live stream here


⚠️☔RAINY WEEK - A few more rounds of heavy rain are expected throughout the week. We've seen quite a bit of rain recently, so any additional heavy rain combined with the saturated soil conditions will result in the potential for flash flooding this week. (1/3)

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Our kids love to twist the acceleration & go up to 10mph on this Razor E100 Electric Scooter! We love to watch them smile & hear them laugh, which is especially easy to hear thanks to the ultra-quiet chain-driven motor. Get your kids in on all the fun:

We know we've sent a lot of graphics your way today, but we wanted to send a quick update with some updated timing information for the main window of severe weather which is in the attached graphic. There are no changes to the risk levels or the overall severe weather threat.

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