“Today’s Soft Rock”
Studio Request Line: (850) 932-0941 or (888) 741-0941
Format: Adult Contemporary
Pensacola, Florida

or play live stream here


What color is this? You have only two choices. Green or Yellow!! Originally there were only 2 colors - orange - and this one... My kids and I are having a SERIOUS disagreement. Ken B

To curb sugar cravings, eat a pickle! Research shows the sour taste shuts down our urge to eat something sweet in LESS than 10 seconds. Bonus: A pickle has only 7 calories, which is probably far fewer than what’s in that sugary thing you were gonna eat! #IFYL

According to Dr. John Gottman, most arguments cover the important points within 3 minutes. After that, we repeat ourselves, just LOUDER. A better plan? After arguing 3 minutes, agree to take a timeout, digest what your partner has said, then reconvene to find a compromise. #IFYL

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