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The Elvis Duran and the Beat Morning Show
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Thank you so much to @ElvisDuranShow for donating $10,000 to support our work! We’re so grateful for your support and for the space you’ve given for us to discuss our work ❤️ @elvisduran Sign up for #someone2turn2 at https://t.co/e60CYwI51Y

DID YA HEAR!?!?! A huge shout out to @z100newyork, @elvisduran, @elvisduranshow and @iHeartRadio for inviting us to fuel the morning zoo yesterday. Elvis was inspired by Dave’s story (owner of our Somerville... https://t.co/BzlWe3RvOL

What big life step are you preparing to take? New city? New job? Moving out on your own?

If I win the #MegaMillions tonight, I'm so out of here. ✈️

What will you do with your winnings?

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When panoramic pictures don't quite work out... https://t.co/EzITXU4lsX

We have been receiving lots of questions about where people can donate to Hurricane Relief in our area. Below is a list of all the drop off locations we currently know of, please comment below if there are any we... https://t.co/3fQzpFNb5O

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