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Format: Jazz
Miami, Florida

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#YuriAndoprov , the 6th leader of the #SovietUnion was such a fan of #MilesDavis that he sent his personal limousine to chauffeur Davis around Poland for a series of concerts he was playing there!

On Monk's seminal album "Straight, No Chaser", Monk blends the traditional Japanese song "Kojo no Tsuki" by #RentaroTaki into his own 16 minute song titled "Japanese Folk Song". Listen to #TheloniousMonk and many more on WDNA's mixcloud!

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Just uploaded "Fusion Latina, Andy Harlow, March 30th, 2021" to @mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/WDNARadio/fusion-latina-andy-harlow-march-30th-2021/ Tune in now!

Just uploaded "88 Jazz Place, Frank Consola, March 29th, 2021" to @mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/WDNARadio/88-jazz-place-frank-consola-march-29th-2021/ Tune in now!

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