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Happy Birthday 🎉 to rapper, DJ, record producer, and actor Reginald "Reggie" Noble, b.k.a. #Redman! Look for him and #MethodMan on the 4/20 #Verzuz battle! 😎

⚠ RECALL ALERT ⚠ - Meow Mix cat food being recalled because of potential salmonella contamination! https://www.star945.com/news/trending/recall-alert-meow-mix-recalled-due-salmonella-contamination-sold-walmart/NRSNKMNRJBEVZC2T7HFCKDS3JE/

NBA YoungBoy was booked into a Louisiana jail on Tuesday, and is being held at the direction of the U.S. Marshals’ Office. 😳 https://www.star945.com/news/trending/rapper-nba-youngboy-booked-into-louisiana-jail-federal-hold/4RWGB6A3HJDNDEDN2P7DKUTPDE/

He left NOTHING to chance...and she got her choice of 5 RINGS! #BossMove 💍💍💍💍💍 https://www.star945.com/news/trending/taking-no-chances-atlanta-man-proposes-with-5-different-rings/V5DW7HGDE5BNNP6ZOOH7DNXRWU/

RECALL ALERT! Possible salmonella contamination! https://www.star945.com/news/trending/usda-issues-health-alert-211000-pounds-ground-turkey-possible-salmonella-contamination/ZUFFXM4STRCYBGJVN6TZ3J65UU/

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