“Star 94.5”
Studio Request Line: (844) 945-2945
Website: https://www.star945.com
Format: Hip Hop and R&B
Orlando, Florida

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Hint: it's that thing that follows thunder. 😆
Congratulations Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett! https://www.star945.com/entertainment/usain-bolt-reveals/4ZSPONH37Q2CIKB5Z7DNDRPZ4I/

Have you been watching? Wednesdays at 10pm ET on BET! https://www.star945.com/entertainment/american-soul-star/O4T2NQJORK5NDYGMOEK3PJ77NM/

Don't forget! Monday, 7/20/2020 is your deadline to REGISTER for the August primary election! https://events.star945.com/event/voter-registration-deadline5eea35326d869

Thandie says, "I've got my little black book, which will be published on my deathbed....I'm not doing it when I'm alive..." WOW. 😳 https://www.star945.com/entertainment/after-enduring/SVO7PK6CGZABRKUPCHLI7GUEM4/

The phrases “Say Her Name” and “Black Lives Matter” will also be incorporated for the shortened 2020 season. 💪 https://www.star945.com/news/trending/say-her-name-wnba-honor-women-whose-deaths-tied-police-action-alleged-racial-violence/TQQR4QGSAZDPPJ2G2P7CMI3FJE/

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