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Jacksonville, Florida

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I want to meet Guy Fieri so bad 😂 - @JustinCOnTheAir  https://www.wape.com/news/trending/coronavirus-guy-fieri-helps-boost-restaurant-employee-relief-fund-near-25m/T7NPR45TNFDTLLJPMSYCDPCBHA/

This good news story and pictures will get you in your feels! Boone the raccoon is THE CUTEST https://www.wape.com/news/trending/kentucky-students-design-custom-wheelchair-walker-disabled-raccoon/P3OHABSAV5AUVFXINEBBN3ZFEQ/

$12K to move to West Virginia is not enough IMO... - Justin https://www.wape.com/news/trending/west-virginia-pay-people-12000-move-state-offers-other-perks/PRPU4T4D4NDSHLGWIUVHIWRHKY/

The City of Jacksonville announced the return of its annual Jazz Festival, but this year it will be in the fall. https://www.wape.com/news/local/jacksonvilles-annual-jazz-festival-moving-fall/2XVWCE2JZJDQJLBCS5GIF4RCOI/

Say What! NEVER did I think these two would end up together... Congrats to the happy couple Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song. https://www.wape.com/news/trending/macaulay-culkin-brenda-song-welcome-first-child-baby-boy/LYM64ZTFENCABMNXOAI6LQ7DTE/

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