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Studio Request Line: (302) 424-1234
Contests: http://www.eagle977.com/contests
Concerts: http://www.eagle977.com/concert-calendar
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Milford, Deleware

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WEDNESDAY WONDERPET WITH CONCORD PET, You would have to be clucking crazy if you didn't want some Chuck and Dave in your life. These two chickens are looking for their forever home. So add some Cock A Doodle Doo to your family. Call (302) 943-6032

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What crazy news story do you think should go into “the Diary” tomorrow!? #ThingsOnlyJhasCaresAbout

The video of the worlds biggest shower with Irish Spring. #eagleisfirefly #irishspring https://t.co/KboyVKC9dz

Hanging out with Shawn Booth from the Bachelorette and the folks from Irish Spring getting ready to break some records! #Eagleisfirefly Irish Spring https://t.co/aXHq3blhJQ

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