“Rhythm of the City”
Studio Request Line: (203) 562-9430
Website: http://www.943wybc.com
Format: Hip Hop and R&B
New Haven, Connecticut


Would you help pay for your engagement ring? Apparently, that is becoming more and more common. Women have become a lot more involved when it comes to choosing their engagement rings, and now many are offering to help pay for the ring they want. Thoughts? (The Frisky)

Do you hide purchases from your loved ones? You’re not alone. A new survey found that the average American spends nearly $2,500 a year on purchases they eventually regret. 76% of survey respondents said they are... https://t.co/kf1Wfr6uEO

Hashtag Roundup … Time to get out of your comfort zone. Twitter users are sharing things that are #NotInMyComfortZone
Some responses:
Being the center of attention
Not having my phone

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